About Mommie Dammit…

They keep pestering me about this, so I’ll write sumthin’ to shut the blog-nazis up.

I’m a 49 y.o. at the time of this writing middle-aged Gay man, semi-retired 32-year veteran drag queen, 23-year HIV+ and 20 years living with AIDS. I’m pagan – specifically I’m a godhi in the ancient traditions of Germanic “druidism”. I don’t really like using that word – druid – as it’s a Roman construct, and doesn’t even apply to the ancient Celtic priesthood… oy!, rabbit-trails… damn you’re good at that, Mommie Dammit! Shut up, and who asked you anyway?… Don’t pay any attention to the voices… I keep them around because they sometimes tell me funny stories… sometimes.

I first went to college in 1980, and attended Kearney State College (now University of Nebraska, Kearney) for 2 1/2 years as a Fine Arts major, Computer Science minor. That was when I tore the hell out of my hamstring, and discovered that I have a huge love of self abuse and vodka computers but no aptitude for advanced programming. After my major’s emphasis was cut from the program, I gave up the whole mess and went to cosmetology school. Attending my mother’s alma mater – under the same woman who taught her – Queen Anne’s Beauty College. I miss ya, Mrs. B!

Sooo… 25 years of that, sniffing hairspray and perm fumes over half the states west of the Mississippi River, then my back and my legs informed me that “we’re not doing this any more.” So – in spite of my love for the profession, and over the outrage of my clients – I retired from Cosmetology and took up my other mania… computers and networking.

I turned myself inside-out trying to figure out where to go to obtain a degree in I.T., and finally settled on Kaplan University Online… a word of advice – don’t. Though I enjoyed the interaction with the other online students, and found the great majority of my professors to be excellent, Kaplan as an institution is a life-sucking and budget-busting fraud. If you’re considering an online college to pursue a degree learn from Mommie Dammit’s mistake, DON’T GO TO KAPLAN. Look into not-for-profit schools instead. I’m headed for Western Governors University, myself, when I’m ready to start my Masters in IT Security.

I’ve spent the past 7 years working in various levels of Technical Support – from tier one through escalations – and am finally getting into a new position that will allow me to put my edumacation to work.

I’ve had several “relationships” over the years, ranging from sublime to the ridiculous, and have spent the last 12 years single. Why? Let’s just say that I inherited three things from my father – my bald head, my birthmark, and my incredibly bad taste in mates. I’ve been blessed with three incredibly beautiful and loving men in my life, all of which either pursued me or were sicked on me by others. The others I picked… ’nuff sed. Seriously. Fill a football stadium with 50,000 men – 49,999 Prince Charmings, and 1 psychotic asshole – guess which one I’m gonna home in on like a scud missile… uh,huh.

I’ve lived all over the place, from my hometown in Lexington, Nebraska, I’ve since left my panties my mark on Omaha and Kearney, Nebraska, San Francisco and Tarzana, California – Gods help me Casper, Wyoming – New Orleans, Louisiana (the only place my heart still calls home) – Las Vegas, Nevada (don’t do it… trust me, just don’t) – and now Kans-ass Shitty Kansas City, Misery Missouri. Sad, isn’t it. To start in a place completely devoid of culture, spend so many years in places that are overflowing with it, only to return to places where the word “culture” only applies to composting and petri dishes.

I love anything four-legged and furry… which can also apply to some of my picks in men, at least they could be called “animals”. I have a library of books, movies and music that would put your local Borders to shame. I build computers for therapy, and occasionally break out my pencils, charcoal and acrylic paints and pretend like I’m Picasso. A couple of months ago I got a hair up my butt and decided to start a blog…

You want any more it’s gonna cost ya dinner at the least.

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