Hands? There were hands?!?…

To be honest, it took Mommie Dammit a couple of viewings to notice… Hey! Stop that… like you were any different? Show me an innie with a delickalicious treasure-trail and I’ll show you a delightfully mesmerized drag queen. It didn’t even matter to me that he signed “I want to *coffee* in the car… and *shoes* all night” – I got the point. I got the point of the whole video. I only hope that the very fortunate boy this yummy child made this video for also gets it.

Sadly, as this clip makes its rounds of the Gay blogs, I’ve found plenty who didn’t. So many commenters ran with the “would we pay any attention to this if he was fat and ugly” meme that eventually Mommie Dammit snapped. I sank my talons into one unfortunate’s ass and proceeded to rip out chunks – only belatedly remembering to say that it wasn’t all aimed at him alone. My bad… sort of. Somehow I just can’t work up any real contrition for the act.

Here I am, enjoying the view, thinking how sweet this was and how fortunate the recipient was … and then this parade of unfuckable twinkie-twats starts pissing on my shoes. DAMMIT! All I wanted to do was smile at my child for taking the time and making the effort to learn sign language so he could speak to and hear the man he loves, I wanted to give them both a big Mommie Dammit squeeze for lifting my tired, shriveled, blackened heart and giving me a breath of fresh air after all the election bullshit… but no. Pretty-Young-Thing makes shirtless video! Cue the sour-pussed twats in 3… 2… 1…

All I could think was “when will you tired bitches grow up?” When will you learn to take joy in the moments life gives you without shitting on them? OK, so 80% of us who watched this vid did so because the boy is cute as hell and half-naked. So what? We got it! Now shut your flatulent pie-hole and let the grown-ups in the room enjoy it in peace and quiet.


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