All You Ever Need to Understand American Politics…

After the tragic farce that was the RNC … after the slick, well-oiled love-fest-made-sorry-assed-joke that turned out to be the DNC … Well, let’s just say that Mommie Dammit is glad that she stocked up on the Stoli.

I won’t bother shredding some ass pontificating about the participation of certain self-deluded masochists pretending to be Gay AND Republican… nor will I bother working up a sweat over Ryan lying his ass off for the past 6 weeks (hell, what am I saying?! He’s never stopped lying since he learned English!)… I can’t even find it in me to disembowel Romney for turning the tragic deaths and senseless, juvenile violence in the Islamic states into an opportunity to open his mouth and sink to a new low of ignorance and delusions of grandeur.

While the DNC spectacle was less painful to watch, I found myself amused… in a deeply sarcastic, jaded sense that only a bitter old drag queen can feel … by all of the ass-kissing the Democratic lights were falling all over themselves to do. And then it was all ruined by a blatant, transparently spineless cave-in to the pressures of the talking heads on Fux Moos. Never in all my millenia of being amused by the human animal have I seen a more bald-faced abortion of democracy than the chairman’s pre-scripted railroading of the party platform to include language about “God” and “Jerusalem” that was written for him by Hannety and crew…  Oh, wait… Yeah. There was that entire farce known as the 2004 election when the Shrub got his brother Gomer to steal the entire state of Florida and then got his cronies on the SCROTUM SCOTUS to back him on it.

So – in the midst of my disgust-turned-dismissal – I went to check in with that handsome devil Russ, over at Blue Truck Red State. I needed a dose of his common sense, perhaps of his sense of humor… and he did not fail me.  Just when I began to wonder how much bigger I’d have to make my hoopskirt for all the smoke that’s just been blown up it – dear ol’ Russ comes to my rescue.

Funny as hell, dead on the mark, and perfectly frames my thoughts for the whole damned mess… enjoy.