(tap, tap, tap…) Is this thing on?

Just in case any of you managed to get through the previous two posts with your retinas intact, there’s something else I want you to go read…

You ought to know by now that Mommie Dammit loves my kids in uniform. I don’t care if they’re grunts, jar-heads, squids or fly-boys – they’re all my special children. After all, it takes a certain level of courage and a high level of insanity to wander around the hinterland with other people shooting at you. I live and pray for the day when I no longer see this on my morning news…

With the majority of our troops in Afghanistan coming home soon – but not by Christmas, as we were promised – I sincerely hope that my prayers will be answered… at least for a long while. Adding to my joy that this !#$%^s6632@#$fuckingbullshit war will soon be over, was the demise of DADT back in September. But now the real work begins…

With REAL unemployment (the kind minus the temporary jobs created for the holidays, and including the people who’ve been out for so long the government can’t be bothered with counting them) still well over 9% amongst the civilian population, we have the added problem that unemployment among returning Afghan and Iraqi war veterans is well over 13 (some figures say 15)%. I’d talked about that in an earlier post, and it doesn’t get any less appalling with time.

There is also the fact that, now that DADT is dead, every Christo-fascist and Reich-wing teatard with access to the Internet or a microphone is going to be waiting with baited breath for any inkling that one of our LGBT soldiers tied his boots the wrong way, or farted while standing post, or scratched his butt getting out of his bunk after too-damned-little-sleep after too-damned-much of the kind of shit that makes for pictures like the one above. These wastes of human DNA with feet and big, yammering mouths are rabid for the instant that they can take any excuse, blow it completely out of context, probably lie their asses off  about it (as they’ve been doing all along) and scream “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” Let’s face it, they’re practically gushing pre-cum with the thought of it.

Let’s also face facts that, in spite of extraordinary discipline and all the honorable intentions in the world, our LGBT soldiers are still only human. Somebody, somewhere, eventually will “screw the pooch” or FUBAR something within eye-shot of a camera lens and the lower-on-the-food-chain elements will be all over it like stink on shit.  And while Mommie Dammit will undoubtedly have to put on my cast-iron panties and bitch-slappin’ pumps and go abuse one of my brain-damaged children, let us not forget that all that screaming and bullshit will be coming from the mouths of the same people who brought you the Tailhook scandal. Say it with me, O’ My Children – “het-er-o-sex-uals”. Very good. Gold stars for everybody.

Now. After all that senile twaddle rabbit-trailing, there’s something special I want you to go read. It comes from another blog here on Word Press that I tripped over discovered via the “Freshly Pressed” page. WORK IN PROGRESS is the blog of Matthew Phelps, a U.S. Marine who was recently able to come out and serve openly and proudly. Matthew’s writing is honest, intelligent, and – at times – heartrendingly candid. In a recent 4-part post, “On Marines, equality, and my date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball” Matthew gives us a frank look at what’s been going through his head during the months leading up to DADT repeal, and his anxieties and hopes for taking his date, Brandon, to the 236th birthday celebration for the Marine Corps.  It is an incredible piece of work, and I urge you – with all dispatch – to haul your tuckass over there and read it. You will be well rewarded.

It’s not just a rich, well written read but there’s pictures all over the place of this yummylicious handsome young man for you to ogle… I have. Now, if only he was 20 years older and still single… hmmm. Brandon, you’re a lucky man.

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